Hello world and Meet My Cats!

This is the VERY FIRST post I’ve ever written on a blog and quite honestly, I’m not exactly sure what to write about. I don’t have anything that I’ve planned to post just yet so this is going to be more of an introductory until I get my schedule for posting all set up.

Anywho, hello! Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you’re here and I hope you like what you see in the future!

For now, enjoy a picture of my cat.

download_20160413_105914          IMG_0848
It turned out to be pictures. I mean, look at his little face. He’s precious.

This is Whiskers.

Yes, the name is truly original. I know. But no one told me that when I picked him out as a kitten at the ripe old age of 8 years old. But that’s beside the point. Whiskers lives with my parents down in the valley. He’s turning 13 in October and it’s CRAZY to think how this cat has been part of my life for a good chunk of the time that I can actually remember.

I picked Whiskers out of a littler of little 6 week old kittens and my older brother picked out our other cat, Maverick, from a different litter about the same age. Here is the lump:

FB_IMG_1464820383201  20150909_124912

Now, my brother was 11 so he picked a better name than I did. The funny think about all this picking cats and picking names business is that we didn’t really pick the cats. As any cat or dog parent knows, it’s really the animal that picks you. And our cats were attached to the person who didn’t fall in love with them in the pet store (yes, I am ashamed that we bought our babies from a pet store and not adopted them from a shelter).

When we brought these little kittens home, Whiskers was terrified of life. Like, literally terrified of the world around him. So he hid under a table for most of the first couple of weeks that we had him and not too long after he emerged from under that table, he decided that he liked my brother more than me. Maverick wanted a snuggly friend and, quite frankly, my brother wasn’t the kind to sit still and just cuddle with a cat. Being an 11 year old boy, he had a LOT of energy and wasn’t mellow enough for Mavy and Whiskers is a little ball of spastic energy. So, Mavy ended up being mine.

Aaaaaand I just realized that there’s really no story here. Other than getting you, the reader(s), acquainted with my cats because it’s very likely that whenever I go visit my parents, I’ll post something about them. I’m also kind of using this as an introduction to my love of cats. And when I say “love of cats” I mean “bordering on mildly obsessed with cats”. It’s pretty ridiculous. Kittens make me cry. And sad animals (not just cats) actually put me in a very depressed funk for a little while and I will weep uncontrollably for about 30 minutes or until I can calm down (my boyfriend can attest to this).

Also, There’s a cat that wanders around my apartment complex and it’s likely she/he will pop up on here sometime as well since she/he is super friendly. I’m also in the process of saving up for a pet deposit so that my boyfriend, roommate, and I can get 2 kittens. And there will definitely be a lot of kitten posts when that happens.

Anywho, that’s all I have for today. Thank you for reading!






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