My Review of Stitch Fix (part 2)

This is the part where I wish I had taken pictures of everything. However, I have the style sheet at my apartment and I’ll post it later so that you can see what I was sent and I can note the specific prices on all the items.

NOTE: I was able to find pictures of two of the items and a best guess at one but even with the name of the one of the items, I couldn’t find it. So, I will add pictures of those items when I get home from work around 6pm tonight. 

EDIT: I forgot that the sheet they sent me only styled the blouses so I have no pictures of the necklaces. And, oddly enough, googling them gets me nothing. Like, they literally do not exist. I cannot find a single picture of any of these necklaces and the only photos of the tops that I’m finding are from other people who received them in their fixes. So, I’m starting to wonder if these designers exist outside of Stitch Fix.

For now, I’ll try to describe them as best as I can.
Starting from my lowest rating to highest rating:

  1. Samson Multi-strand Cube Necklace

Rating: 0/5

This necklace was rose gold with two strands and it had delicate little cubes places intermittently on the piece. It had 3 or 4 cubes total on the necklace.

Price: $28

Why I didn’t keep it: I hate rose gold. Like, HATE rose gold. It looks terrible on me as I have a lot of pink tones in my skin and I just think it’s a tackier metal to make jewelry out of. Especially fashion jewelry that you already know isn’t as high quality has a white gold, diamond ring from a jeweler per say.


2. Market & Spruce Abberley Cut Out Detail Knit Top

Rating: 2/5

novsf8  stripe-shirt-back-565x1024
(source: Live Simple, Travel Well ; A Bada Bing)

Price: $48

Why I didn’t keep it: This blouse was actually remarkably adorable. That is, before I actually put it on. It was a very thin material, probably a mix of rayon and spandex, and it fit me really tightly. As someone who is a little self conscious about my midsection, this was a solid no-can-do. I had ideas for how cute it would look worn to work with a red pencil skirt and white flats but I just couldn’t imagine leaving my bedroom in the shirt because of how aware I would be of it’s tightness all day. And, I had even noted in my style profile that I prefer my tops to be loose fitting. The only reason it gets 2/5 instead of a flat out zero is that I really did like the look of the top. The stripes were cute; I love 3/4 sleeves; it was a soft material; the semi open back was super flattering and soooooo adorable. BUT, I just couldn’t get past how tight it was.


3. Bancroft Kason Metal Fringe Necklace

Rating: 3/5

This necklace was pretty cool and, at first, I was pretty sure I was going to keep it. It was sort of a bib style necklace. And I’m about 98.9% sure it looked like this:


Price: $28

Why I didn’t keep it: My stylist had made a note about how, since I wear so much black, this edgy necklace would likely compliment a lot of the pieces I have in my wardrobe. I’ll admit, I liked this piece. It looked cool with one outfit I love to wear of these white and place patterned palazzo pants and a black blouse. To be completely honest, it completed the outfit. But, it was wayyy out of my price range for a piece of fashion jewelry that I wasn’t sure was even real silver.


4. 41Hawthorn Timian Peplum Blouse

Rating: 4.5/5


(source: poshmark)

Price: $58

Why I didn’t keep it: This blouse was a dream. It was SO FREAKING PRETTY. And, it fit beautifully. It was loose and flowy and went with so many pieces in my closet that I already had. Plus, I’m a sucker for peplums as they fit me rather well. I was in love with this blouse. Until I saw the price tag. $58?!? This crushed me. I wanted this shirt so badly. It was beautiful, work appropriate, it could be dressed up for date night or the office or dressed down for a casual day. It was perfect. But, I couldn’t justify spending that much money on one blouse. I’m a die-hard clearance shopper. I like getting more for my money since I don’t really believe that retail prices are actually what the piece of clothing is worth (I worked in retail in high school and it jaded me a little bit). After I realized just how expensive it was, I started noticing how thin it was too. It was a veeery sheer material that you could definitely see my bra through and would look rather silly if I wore a camisole with it so, I sent it back. Definitely not worth $58.


5. Romolo Anabella Ornate Stone Necklace

IMG_20160602_210436  IMG_20160602_210429
Yes, I realize this is basically the same picture without and with the flash on. I wanted to show how shiny it is. 🙂

Rating: 5/5

Price: $34

Why I kept it: I freaking love this necklace. It is beautiful, well made, and it goes with a ton of stuff I already own. I love statement necklaces too and this particular one is right up my alley. I’ve been on the prowl for a beautiful statement necklace to wear to work with a black pencil skirt and a chambray top and this one fits the bill. I used the credit from my styling fee towards it so I was only charged $16 for the piece when I decided to keep it (even though I actually paid for the whole thing when you factor in the credit and blah, blah, blah). But, the point is, I love this necklace. I’ve already worn it twice in the last two weeks. This piece was worth the whole experience.


Overall opinion: This service is not without its merits. You do get 5 handpicked items delivered to your door; they don’t automatically sign you up to be billed monthly for the service; they take your preferences into account; and they hone your fixes to your specific tastes the more you work with them. It’s a fabulous idea, really. But, yes there is a “but”, it was way too expensive for me. The total of my items was around $200 for all 5. Even with the discount ,it was around $130. And I have never spent that much money on 5 pieces of clothing in my life- and three of these pieces were jewelry. I’m a little disappointed to be honest. Plus, they do give you the option to put “student” as your occupation on your style profile so they should know how to style those on a tight budget.


And I know I’m a little biased having worked in retail in a department store. And I know that most people using this service are not college students on a limited budget. And I know that I only tried the service one time. But I just can’t really say that I was satisfied overall with the experience. I was actually a little sad that the pieces I was sent were so expensive- and my stylist had even said in the note she wrote to me that she shopped in their lowest price tier for me.

file-page1.jpg If a $58 blouse constitutes the lowest price tier, I can’t afford to shop with them.

If you have a disposable income that allows for paying full price on retail items, go for it! Stitch Fix might be perfect for you. It’s honestly a fantastic idea and, I’m not gonna lie, it feels really nice to have your own “personal stylist”. Even if you don’t actually have any contact with the real person who is said stylist. And, I did get a beautiful necklace out of it.

Will I try it again? Honestly, I don’t know. I might if I get some extra money or if someone uses my referral code and I get a credit or two.

Rating:  stars.indd





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