9 FREE Recipe Card Downloads!

Hi lovelies!

How many times have you had to google the recipe for a dish you’re making for dinner? Or a salad that you’re bringing when you go to a friend’s house for a barbecue? Or even the recipe for chocolate chip cookies? I know I constantly have my phone open when baking and I’m always tapping it to keep it from going to sleep; frantically running to wash my hands and dry them off so that I don’t have to unlock my phone again.

This absolutely drives me up the wall. And a couple of weeks ago I had a revelation. Why don’t I just write things down? It’s like the recipe box my mom kept in the kitchen growing up! It would be infinitely more useful to have things on paper and in your kitchen so that you don’t have to go searching through the internet for a recipe that you kind of remember and then desperately attempting to keep your phone screen from locking.

If you’re like me and this idea is right up your alley, I’ve compiled a list of 9 recipe cards and organizers that you can download and print at home for free! Also, as a quick note, some of the blog posts are from a couple years ago but I have double checked the download on all of them so I know they still work. 🙂

recipecardstitle2Essentially Eclectic 

These cards are super cute! They have a place for title; the number of people this dish serves; and prep time. She offers one design as a free download and a bundle of all 4 on etsy for $1.99 if they strike your fancy. Download them from her original post here!



I kind of really love these cards a lot. The design is super cute with the little hand drawn kitchen tools and the way she decided to organize the ingredients is adorable! This one is absolutely free and downloadable from the bottom of her original blog post here!


christmas-cookie-recipe-cardsThe Sweetest Occasion

So, these cards are specifically designed for the holidays. BUT I think the color scheme works for any time of the year. Who needs date specific recipe cards, right? Unless that’s your thing. In that case, you do you. Anywho, these recipe cards are available for download here!


dsc_0195Melissa Esplin

These cards are a good fit for anyone who wants a vertical design. They have the a place to mark what kind of dish it is, the recipe, who came up with it, the cook time, and the ingredients. They’re really cute too! I love the little lemon in the corner. Download them from her original blog post here! They’re the last thing on the page.


4x6recipecardBehind the Studio

I have to say, I adore the minimalist style of this one. You can customize it to your preferences. Use the right side for details like how much it makes, what temp to cook at, cook time, etc. And the right side for ingredients! Or vice versa. They’re so customizable that it could be anything you really want it to be. The fork design is also precious! Download them from the original blog post here!


img_3406Feeling Lovesome

This is another rather minimalist style that I really like. She also made them in two different sizes and two different colors! You can have the typical 4 x 6 card or you can size up to 5 x 7 if you need more space. Super nifty! Download them from the original blog post here!


5680137143_93f9f0306f_oMy Owl Barn

Okay, I cannot get over how cute the owls are on these. And besides just being cute, they’re double sided! The yellow side houses the Name, type of recipe, cook time, temp, and ingredients while the green side is for the instructions. This style is definitely better if you have a lot of long recipes that you want to write down as it has a lot more space for that. You can download it from the original blog post here!



If small cards aren’t your thing, this recipe cards is a full page! This could easily be put in a binder and stored in your kitchen or living room for easy access. The design is super cute and it has a LOT of room on it given that it’s a full page. Download it from the original post here!


Cottage Industrialist

These cards, and the post they originate from, are geared towards canning. But, if that’s not your thing, you can totally use them for any other recipe you like! The minimalist style lends itself to versatility and it makes a very good use of space with a small graphic and lines to write on. Download them from the original blog post here!


Me and My Big Ideas

Okay. So, this one is my favorite of them all. And it’s not free but I’m going to include it anyway. To preface this: I’m a HUGE lover of all things MAMBI. I cannot wait to start using my Happy Planner for this year! (July needs to come faster) And this recipe expansion pack for the happy planner is an absolute godsend. It comes with space for 40 recipes, 4 dividers, and a set of stickers. It’s pre-punched to fit in your Happy Planner and it’s SO USEFUL. I’ve started writing in and I’ve already begun using it for cooking. The recipe sheets themselves are also really organized and they have a lot of space. They have a spot for main ingredients, cook temp, cook time, number it serves, a rating of how easy the recipe is, any notes you might want to add, a spot to write what it pairs well with, and of course the standard name, ingredients, instructions spots. But these pages are a bit bigger than the typical recipe card so they’re very useful. They are sized to fit with the standard 7 x 9.25″ Happy Planner so they don’t fit perfectly with the Big Planner, like the one I have, but they’re totally still usable with it! Plus, it’s only $10. And it’s a $10 well spent. If I’ve gotten you excited about Happy Planners, go ahead and buy the recipe expansion pack here!

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope this helps with some organizational needs you may have in the future. Happy cooking!



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