I’m back!

Hello, lovelies!

I am so sorry for my absence this past week and a half. I was on vacation with one of my old roommates. It was the first time we had seen each other in a year and I was so stoked to be spending time with her.

I also noticed that my last post seems to have alienated some people. I won’t apologize for that. It is highly important thatΒ the world be educated on consent and I hope that sharing my opinions helps with that education.

Back to business: I have come up with a schedule for my posts and now that I am not going to be traveling in the foreseeable future, I will actually be able to stick to that schedule.

Here it is!

weekly calendar

To break it down:

Monday: My boyfriend, Max, will be helping me write these posts. It will consist of recipes we’ve tried, discussion of a movie we just watched or a game we just finished, general geekery, etc.

Tuesday: Here I’ll be posting new planner layouts that I just made, links to free stickers I just printed to use, etc.

Wednesday: I’ll post links to some of my favorite printables and hopefully start sharing my own when I can actually make decent ones.

Thursday: Organizational hacks that I’ve recently come up with or attempts at other’s ideas for organization.

Friday: DIY! On this day, I will post a tutorial of sorts of a recent DIY project that I have done. (I already have one in the works for next week. πŸ™‚ )


I’ll be playing catchup for the time being since I’m not all that prepared to start the schedule this week due to getting home last night after being gone for over a week. BUT – I promise I will start next Monday with my first Mondays with Max post.

Thank you for reading!



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