Pop of Color Bookcase

Hello, lovelies!

For my first DIY Friday I decided to spruce something up in my room a little bit. So, I have this bookcase. My parents got it for like $15 at Walmart and it’s not a  hugely sturdy piece of furniture but it gets the job done. Recently, I moved some furniture around in my room since it felt a little cluttered. This bookcase used to live underneath the window next to my bed but I decided to stack it on top of another bookshelf and secure it to the wall with command strips. Now, it lives next to t my bedroom door and freed up some space in front of my closet, next to the bed.

Putting this bookshelf on top of another one created an interesting problem. Since it was higher up, I could see the bottom side of the shelves. They were unpainted, unlike the rest of the bookcase, and had the appearance of light brown plywood. I wasn’t a huge fan of that look so I decided to do something about it. Then, it hit me. Why not decorate the bottom of the shelves? At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get some adhesive wallpaper and stick it to the bottom of the shelf or if I wanted to paint it. I weighed the cost of both methods and decided it would be cheaper to just get a tube of acrylic paint and some sponge brushes and paint it – the total cost of the project was around $5 with a coupon.

So, I ordered a tube of paint in magenta from Michael’s along with a pack of 4 sponge brushes and got down to business.


IMG_20160624_211256 copy

IMG_20160624_211315 copy
the finished painting job.

After painting both shelves with the help of my lovely assistant, Max, we left them on the porch to dry and went about painting the top most shelf underside. Max did that one on his own with the aid of a step stool since he’s the tall one. After all the shelves dried, we put the shelves and the contents of the bookcase back in place. And, behold, the finished product!

IMG_20160701_001416 copy

This was one of the easiest, and most relaxing DIY projects I have ever done. It took about 2 1/2 hours total but most of that was spent waiting for the paint to dry and playing video games. I’m extremely happy with how it came out and the only question I have is: should I take a white paint pen to the edges of the selves and draw a design on them?

Until Monday, thank you for reading!



bonus photo:

IMG_20160624_212132 copy
My lovely assistant after I painted his knees.



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