Hanging Mail Organizer

Hello, lovelies!

Happy Friday! I have a bit of an idea I’m toying with and would like opinions on. But first, it’s DIY time!

This week, I tackled a problem that my roommates and I were facing: mail. We had a habit of getting the mail and leaving it all over the apartment; on the kitchen table, coffee table, kitchen countertops. Being the obsessive neat freak that I am, and realizing how little surface space we actually have in our apartment, this was driving me bonkers. And I was contributing to the problem!

So, I got to thinking. What would be the best way to cut the clutter? And it hit me: a mail organizer! Following my idea, I got on amazon and price compared a bunch of different options as well as weighing the truly DIY route of making it myself. I wound up going with just purchasing it online since all the methods I could find to make one at home involved carpentry or a sewing machine. The first option, I have no skills in. The second, I don’t currently own my own sewing machine. I could probably use my mother’s, but she lives 2 1/2 hours away and I didn’t want to purchase a round-trip bus ticket just so that I could use her sewing machine when the whole idea was “what will cost me least?” (sorry, mom).

After searching on amazon, I found an option I liked that cost me less than $15. And, I have amazon student so, hello free two-day shipping! After waiting for it to arrive, I finally got to solve my problem! Except there was one tiny hiccup. The organizer I ordered was an over-the-door hanging organizer that came with hooks to hang the organizer with. But, it didn’t have the hooks in the box when I opened it. Being the wonderfully quick thinkers they are, my roommates thought of using command strips instead. It worked perfectly.

Behold, the solution to our clutter problem!

IMG_20160708_103710 copy.jpg

IMG_20160708_103720 copy.jpg

And it fit perfectly between the light switch, the edge of the wall, and underneath our whiteboard. Now, I call that serendipitous. We’re working on an idea to label the pockets on the organizer so each of us has a designated mail pocket.

Back to the idea I mentioned at the beginning. I’m noticing a lot of overlap between Thursday and Friday posts since most of my organization hacks have a DIY element to them and vice versa. I’m thinking of eliminating DIY Friday and making Thursday a DIY/Organization post. Comment and let me know if you think this is a good idea!

Thank you for reading! Happy organizing!



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