Spotlight on: Victoria Thatcher

Hello, lovelies!

For today’s Printable Wednesday, I have a spotlight on one of my favorite free printables blogs: Victoria Thatcher.

Victoria makes adorable sticker sets that are sized for The BIG Happy Planner but have directions on how to resize them for smaller planners. Finding stickers that were sized specifically for the planner that I have was super exciting for me since most of the stickers I come across are for smaller Happy Planners or the Erin Condren Life Planner – which are both fantastic planners as well.

I’ve decided to focus on a few of my favorite sticker sets from Victoria’s blog.

  • CATS

I know that I’ve shown this one before, but I really love it. I mean, cats. What isn’t there to love? You can download it here.


  • Mermaid and Friends

This set is super cute and whimsical. It’s perfect for a weekly spread in the summer! Plus, that whale sticker is my favorite thing ever. Download it here.


  • Dragonflies

I’m a fan of the color scheme in this set as blue and purple are some of my favorite colors. And I like that these stickers aren’t tied down to a time of year so you can use them whenever. Download it here.


  • Paris

I’m kind of a Francophile (no where near the likes of Thomas Jefferson, though) so I really love the idea of visiting France. These stickers are pretty and allow me to daydream about walking down the street and seeing the corner markets and flower shops that I have imagined amidst my wanderlust filled daydreams. Download them here.

And, yes, I know that my imagined Paris is not the same as the real place and as long as I am aware of that,  who does it hurt to dream?

  • For The Love of Books

This set specifically makes me think of my lovely roommate, Olivia. She’s always reading. She also just bought a happy planner that I’ve been printing stickers for. I think she’ll love this set. Download them here.


  • The Beatles

This is another set that I think Olivia’ll love. We both have a deep love for The Beatles since we started listening to them together in High School. The colorful palette of these stickers definitely fits the Sgt. Pepper era graphics and makes for a fun and bright weekly spread. Download them here.


  • Birthday

This is honestly one of my favorite sets of birthday stickers ever. I really love the graphics on this. The cupcakes are adorable and I really love the color scheme she uses and the focus on birthday goodies like cake. Download them here.


  • Peony Paradise

Apparently I’m just a huge fan of floral stickers? Even though my favorite color is most definitely not pink, I really love these stickers. They’re simple and versatile while being beautifully designed and colorful. Download them here.



I hope you all like these and are inspired to search through her other wonderful stickers to see what else you can find! Happy planning!



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