Drawer Dividers

Hello, lovelies!

Does your sock drawer get so cluttered you can hardly find the pair of socks you’re looking for without dumping the whole drawer out? I have a solution for you!

Infomercial hook aside, I actually have dealt with this problem. The drawer I kept my socks and underwear in was so messy that I could never find a single thing that I was looking for in it. It drove me nuts and I was looking into buying one of those fancy honeycomb design dividers for the drawer in question. But, then, I thought “why spend money when I can come up with a solution myself?” And I did!

I made dividers!

Untitled-2 copy


This was literally one of the simplest projects I’ve ever done. And here’s how you can do it too!

Time: 30 mins (at most)
–  tape measure
–  marker or pen
–  cardboard (preferably corrugated- I used a moving box)
–  wrapping paper/scrapbook paper
– scissors and/or x-acto knife

  1. Empty the drawer that you’re making dividers for and measure the inside of it. You’ll want length and depth. Make sure that the depth measurement leaves room for the drawer to close without being obstructed.
  2. Take those measurements to your cardboard and draw out however many rectangles you’ll need to cut out. Use your depth measurement as the width of your rectangle.
  3. Cut your rectangles out!
  4. Cover these with wrapping paper – I used my mambi expandable paper pad again. That thing is nifty.
  5. Put inside your drawer and organize to your hearts content!

This was so easy and solved a HUGE, annoying, problem for me. I hope it helps you too!



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