FREE Critical Role Stickers

Hello, lovelies!

I am so sorry about the delay in posting these. Anyhow, today’s free printable are my Critical Role stickers! I am so excited to share these with you as I am not only sharing the set that I made my spread with but a second set that I made.


These two sets were both made using the character portraits drawn by the official artist for Critical Role, Kit Buss. I also used some favorite quotes said by characters in one set and left more space for you to write in your own notes in the second set. They also feature some photos of the cast.

The stickers are sized for the mambi The BIG Happy Planner but can be resized to fit other planners.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.08.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.08.34 PM

As I said on Tuesday, I did check with Geek and Sundry about distributing these stickers. As long as they remain free, I am not going to get into any trouble since I’m not profiting off of them.

download set one here
download set two here

I hope you enjoy using these stickers! And watch Critical Role every Thursday at 7pm PST.



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