Daisy Stickers!

Hello, lovelies!

I am so sorry about not posting this yesterday. It was a rough day for me after the election so I took the day off from posting. But, today I have a set for you! I am posting the first for-purchase set from my etsy shop on the blog today!

These stickers were a serious labor of love and I adore how they turned out! They’re up on my etsy shop for $2.50 and I would appreciate it so much if anyone was able to purchase them.


buy them here

Thank you so much for reading! Happy planning!



Etsy shop launch!

Hello, lovelies!

I have some exciting news for you all today! I have officially launched an etsy shop! I know this may raise some questions so I’ll answer all that I can think of in this post.

Why did you decide to open a shop?
Thank you for asking! I decided to open a shop because of a few reasons.
1) My stickers are not easy to make. Yes, I use templates that I’ve created to save me some work but I still put a lot of thought and effort into every set I make – and that leads me to the next reason.
2) They’re very time consuming to make. A 1 page sticker set takes me about 5 hours to make on average – and that’s not counting the time I spend brainstorming ideas and searching for inspiration.
3) I kind of really need some extra money. As a busy college student taking 17 credit hours and working 18 hours a week on top of homework, I really can’t afford to have everything I make be free. I’m putting a lot of time into the sets I make and would like to earn a little something from my effort.
4) I want to be able to continue giving you quality content for free. I would love to be giving out massive sticker sets for free on the blog but, as I said in #2, it takes me a long time to make them.  The shop will hopefully help me earn a little bit of extra money for my time while still being able to give you guys quality content for free.

Will the blog still be posting free stickers?
YES! I will still continue posting free stickers every Wednesday or every other Wednesday depending on if I use some of my for-cost stickers in my weekly spread.

Will the stickers that are posted for free be taken down?
NO! I will be leaving all the stickers that I offered for free up on the blog. They will remain as a free download.

What’s the difference between the sets in the shop and the free downloads?
The sets in the shop will be the ones that were more time consuming for me to make. And the sets I poured more of my time into and will usually be bigger sets – likely 2 pages and up.

How much do you stickers cost?
Nothing in the shop will ever cost more than $5. I estimate about $1.25/page in the set but that price will sometimes be lowered slightly as page count on a set goes up.

How can I get to the shop?
Easy! Here’s the link:

With all that being said, I really hope you’ll check out the shop. I’m super excited about it and would really appreciate it. Thank you so much! 🙂

Happy planning!



Planner Spread 7/4-7/10

Hello, lovelies!

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the states so I hope it’s okay that I took a break from writing to relax with my friends since we all had the day off work. Next week we’ll continue Mondays with Max. Down to business, it’s Tuesday!

There are some seriously amazing stickers out there on the internet. Most are free but a few require spending a couple of dollars here and there if you really want them. My planner spread for the week I actually did a couple of days ago and I decided to use a few different sticker sets that I found for free, one that I bought off of etsy, and one that I made myself from a jpeg online.

The first set of stickers that I used, I purchased from BestsyPrintables off of her etsy store. They are a set of floral stickers with inspirational quotes in them.



The second set was free from Victoria Thatcher – this lady makes amazing stickers. They are her watercolor set and can be downloaded from her site here3219237_orig


The next set was a watercolor set from thepinningmama. I mainly used the to do strips that she has in this set but the rest of the stickers are adorable and will definitely be used soon!


The last set I used, before making my own, was a set of cute stickers designed by Brinalove. They’re kind of miscellaneous but have a ton of cute patterns to compliment other stickers! Download them from her site here.



The very last set, that I made from a jpeg and thus will not be sharing, was a set of Hamilton stickers. I found the images on tumblr and decided to make stickers for myself since Hamilton has been seriously on my brain as of late. Stickers like these, I will never share on my blog as I do not own the artwork used and I don’t know if the artist is okay with their work being reproduced – even if I’m not making a profit off of it. 

Anywho, here is my spread for this week! I had a lot of fun designing it. I hope it inspires some of you planners out there!

IMG_20160705_122438 copy.jpg

IMG_20160705_122418 copy.jpg


Happy planning!