Hello, lovelies!

This Thursday, I have a really easy organization hack for you all: labels! It’s remarkably easy to label things. I just find myself without the energy to expend making labels sometimes. But, when I get the energy up, the organization that comes of making these labels is incredible.

My main problem was that we have these clear canisters in our kitchen that hold things like flour, sugar, salt, rice, etc. Some of these dry goods are easy to tell apart but, with a few of these items, there are some kitchen disasters waiting to happen if you mix them up. Instead of feeling the need to taste whatever is in the container to determine if what we grabbed to make pancakes with was actually sugar or salt, I decided: why not just label them?

I set out to find labels that were both customizable and cute. And I found these! These farmhouse pantry stlyle labels from Lia Griffith are exactly what I was looking for. They’re cute, customizable, and super easy to make. I just took inventory of what we had in our cabinet and printed them out on to sticker paper. (note: I used clear sticker paper – don’t do that. It smudges like no other.) I will likely wind up re-doing the labels on matte paper since they didn’t come out as nice as I would have liked on the clear paper.

Anywho, this is the final product:

IMG_20160706_211538 copy.jpg

Super cute, right? And now we know the difference between the sugar and the salt.

Thank you for reading. I hope these labels help you out too!