FREE Holiday Stickers!

Hello, lovelies!

Happy Holidays!! I have to tell you, I am seriously excited for Christmas this year. I have my amazing boyfriend,ย my lovely roommate/best friend, and our kitties to celebrate with. We got each other presents decorated our Christmas tree (see below); we’re going to have egg nog, cookies, and Bailey’s hot chocolate on Christmas Eve while we open presents. And, on Christmas morning, we’re planning on cinnamon rolls, corned beef hash, and orange juice before we travel to visit our families the next day. I’M JUST SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL. Plus, I get to see my parents, meet my brother’s absolutely adorable girlfriend for the first time, and see my little old kitties at my parent’s house. I’m pretty excited about that.ย  And here’s my Christmas tree:

Our Christmas tree just after we decorated it, before all the presents were placed underneath and the kitties decided to climb it.

Anywho! On to the original point of this post: HOLIDAY STICKERS. (Sorry for the excessive use of caps lock in this post – I just need to convey how ecstatic I am). I have two sets for download today: one Christmas-ish themed, and one Hanukkah themed. I am still working on a New Year’s one. If I finish it today, I’ll post it later this afternoon. If not, it’ll be up next week. I promise!

I say the Christmas one is Christmas-ish because it isn’t exclusively Christmas. It’s more or less wintry with a dash of Christmas thrown in for good measure. I hope you like them! Click the picture for the download!


And here are the Hannukah stickers! I don’t know how many of my readers practice Judaism. So, I don’t know how much use these are going to get. But, I hope you like them! I think theyย came our pretty great. And the first day of Hanukkah lines up perfectly with Christmas Eve this year so I had to make them. Download them by clicking on the picture!


Thank you so much for reading! Happy holidays and happy planning! ๐Ÿ™‚



P.S. It has occured to me that I never wrote about my kittens. Would anyone like a post introducing you all to my kitty babies? Let me know in the comments!



I have New Year’s stickers for you all! I just finished them. The idea I had was not really a cohesive set but more of a supplement for you favorite sticker set. So, these stickers are a bunch of motivational and positive quotes to add to your stickers for the week. I hope you like them! Click the pictureย to download. ๐Ÿ™‚



Purple & grey stickers

Hello, lovelies!

Is it Thursday? It is, isn’t it. I’m so sorry to have forgotten to post on Wednesday for the send week in a row. This semester really caught up with me over the past few days and it feels like I suddenly have a million and two things to do. But, since you’ve all been so lovely and patient with me, I have a new sticker download!

The stickers I used in yesterday’s spread are a set that I really adore. The color scheme is so pretty and I had such fun making them. They’re available on my etsy shop for $2.50.

download them from my etsy shopย ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much for reading! If you need me, I’ll be buried under homework and preparation for Thanksgiving.

Happy planning!



Daisy Stickers!

Hello, lovelies!

I am so sorry about not posting this yesterday. It was a rough day for me after the election so I took the day off from posting. But, today I have a set for you! I am posting the first for-purchase set from my etsy shop on the blog today!

These stickers were a serious labor of love and I adore how they turned out! They’re up on my etsy shop for $2.50 and I would appreciate it so much if anyone was able to purchase them.


buy them here

Thank you so much for reading! Happy planning!