Sticker Organization Hack

Hello, lovelies!

I hope your week is going well! For today’s organization hack, I finally solved a problem that I’ve been having since I started using stickers for my planner. The question was: How do I organize these?

Since I cut all of my stickers out by hand, a lot of them wind up being kind of tiny and this created a bit of a unique problem for how to organize and store them.

Originally, I had taken plastic sandwich size baggies, labelled them with a sharpie, and then stuck them in the shoebox I had decorated and labelled “stickers”. But, this method proved kind of disorganized. It was hard to find what I was looking for asΒ there was just a pile of plastic bags sitting in the shoebox and I had to dig through all of them to find what I was looking for and often ended up creating kind of a mess. Plus, I like to alphabetize things and I couldn’t really do that with a shoebox of baggies.

The next method I tried was making file folders that fit the size of the shoebox: 3″x 5″. I bought mini dividers that were that size off of amazon for rather cheap and uses washi tape and packing tape to make them into tiny file folders. This method was a few steps above what I had been doing because I could see very clearly the label for what was in the folder and pluck it out of the box. AND I could alphabetize my stickers. However, I ran into a problem. The folders could only accommodate a certain thickness and wouldn’t fit a large amount of stickers in them and would often fall apart if overstuffed. So, that idea had to be scrapped after a week or so.

Then, I had a revelation of sorts in Target. Olivia and I had gone to pick up a few items to make a fruit pizza – try it sometime – and we decided to peruse the dollar spot at the front of the store. This is honestly my favorite part of going to Target. I always find stationary, pens, and other office supplies in this section – a couple of months ago I found some metal magazine holders that are painted pastel colors that helped me solve an organizational problem with my bookshelf.

While looking through the dollar section I came across these adorable, small, three-ring binders. They’re about 9″ tall and 5″ wide and have really cute patterns on them. So, I snatched up a few of them for only $3 a piece. I believe they’re intended to be day planners as there were planner inserts also being sold. But with tiny binders, you can do anything. Well, not really anything. But with a little imagination and the right supplies you can make them suit your needs.

With these binders in my possession, the idea I decided to run with was: sticker binders. I would get page protectors and fill them with my stickers, label them, and stick them in the binders in alphabetical order! Simple, right? Not as simple as you would think.

First, I had to find page protectors that would fit my binders. I decided to look for 5″x 7″ ones. And I thought I had found them here. But apparently I didn’t read the entire item description so, when I got them, I had another problem to deal with. They were actually 8 1/2″ x 11″ with two 5″x 7″ pockets in them. So, I got to work making my own page protectors out of what I had. I wound up cutting them in half and turning them long-ways so that the opening was on the left side where the rungs would go through. I cut holes where my binder rings needed to fit and voila! I had 5″ x 7″ page protectors to house my stickers in.

And here’s the finished product!

teal inside

pinkΒ Β pink inside

The binders live on a bookshelf I just got and put together for my crafting supplies.


I bought an extra binder just in case I needed more room for stickers.Β 

I hope my adventure with sticker storage helps someone else out in their search for the perfect way to store their sticker collection. Happy organizing!