UPDATE – 1/5/2017

Hello, lovelies!

Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays with family and friends, a safe time traveling to and from your destinations, and that the return to the working world wasn’t too rough. I got to go to one of my favorite places on earth, Trader Joe’s, while visiting my parents and get my favorite holiday cookies (Candy Cane Joe Joe’s) and some other goodies to bring home with me to my Trader Joe’s-less life up north.

Max’s family got me a Pusheen kigurumi onesie  for Christmas. It is the coziest. My parents got me a sewing machine and the most beautiful wind chime that they picked up in Mexico. Max, Michael, Megan, and I had a blast opening the presents my parents got us all. The gif below shows me doing a poor job of helping Max open his box of candy from my parents that contained a block of 9 Toblerones and a bag of gummy bears; and Michael hugging a bag of rice to go with the vegetable steamer that Megan is opening.


Besides regaling my Christmas adventures, my purpose of this post today is to let you guys know what’s going on in Julia-land and why I haven’t been posting lately.

Besides being extraordinarily busy, I’ve had the need to take some personal time lately. Don’t be alarmed, I’m fine. I just needed to sort through some things and it wound up taking up more time than I thought it would and due to this, my creative wells have kind of run dry. I’m working on getting the enegery to be creative back and I hope I’ll have some ideas to work with soon.

I also am currently out of sticker paper and without the funds to buy any at the moment. So, I’ve been sort of putting off making stickers since I can’t actually print them out and use them to show you all what they look like in my planner. Because of this, I’ve been using some of the mambi sticker sets that I mentioned in my last planner spread post. They’re awesome. Seriously awesome.

If you guys wouldn’t mind me showing  you spreads with stickers I didn’t make, I can continue posting weekly spreads and make stickers for my Wednesday downloads that I can’t provide an example for in my own planner. I don’t mind doing that at all. In the meantime, however, I might do a few filler posts to introduce you to my cats and maybe a few other things.

But, for now, that’s all I have today. I am so sorry that I’ve kind of left you guys high and dry for two weeks now. I promise I’ll try to have new material soon. Thank you for reading!




FREE Holiday Stickers!

Hello, lovelies!

Happy Holidays!! I have to tell you, I am seriously excited for Christmas this year. I have my amazing boyfriend, my lovely roommate/best friend, and our kitties to celebrate with. We got each other presents decorated our Christmas tree (see below); we’re going to have egg nog, cookies, and Bailey’s hot chocolate on Christmas Eve while we open presents. And, on Christmas morning, we’re planning on cinnamon rolls, corned beef hash, and orange juice before we travel to visit our families the next day. I’M JUST SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL. Plus, I get to see my parents, meet my brother’s absolutely adorable girlfriend for the first time, and see my little old kitties at my parent’s house. I’m pretty excited about that.  And here’s my Christmas tree:

Our Christmas tree just after we decorated it, before all the presents were placed underneath and the kitties decided to climb it.

Anywho! On to the original point of this post: HOLIDAY STICKERS. (Sorry for the excessive use of caps lock in this post – I just need to convey how ecstatic I am). I have two sets for download today: one Christmas-ish themed, and one Hanukkah themed. I am still working on a New Year’s one. If I finish it today, I’ll post it later this afternoon. If not, it’ll be up next week. I promise!

I say the Christmas one is Christmas-ish because it isn’t exclusively Christmas. It’s more or less wintry with a dash of Christmas thrown in for good measure. I hope you like them! Click the picture for the download!


And here are the Hannukah stickers! I don’t know how many of my readers practice Judaism. So, I don’t know how much use these are going to get. But, I hope you like them! I think they came our pretty great. And the first day of Hanukkah lines up perfectly with Christmas Eve this year so I had to make them. Download them by clicking on the picture!


Thank you so much for reading! Happy holidays and happy planning! 🙂



P.S. It has occured to me that I never wrote about my kittens. Would anyone like a post introducing you all to my kitty babies? Let me know in the comments!



I have New Year’s stickers for you all! I just finished them. The idea I had was not really a cohesive set but more of a supplement for you favorite sticker set. So, these stickers are a bunch of motivational and positive quotes to add to your stickers for the week. I hope you like them! Click the picture to download. 🙂


Hi lovelies!

I have an update for you all today! As of right now, and for the next week-ish, I don’t really have the time to blog. So, I will be taking a break until the week of December 18-24. I have finals coming up and I am incredibly busy with work and exams and term papers and final projects and presentations – Well, I’m really busy. So, unfortunately, I need to give myself a break from blogging.

“But, Julia, you only post two days a week! How much time can blogging really be taking away from you?” 

I know, little voice in my head, it sounds like I don’t put a lot of time into blogging. But, the long and the short of it is that blogging takes more time than I’ve got at the moment. With designing and making stickers in photoshop to planning out my weekly spread and so on, it takes up a good chunk of my time. And I need all the time I have to power through the rest of the semester.

Plus, I am wayyyy low on printer ink – I don’t even have enough to print school related things right now and that is bad news bears right there – and I’m running low on money to buy new printer ink so I can’t really afford to print the stickers I design to show you lovely readers how they look in my planner. You see my dilemma?

However, I promise that, when I return to blogging after finals, that I will have not one, not two, but three new Holiday-themed sticker sets!

I think I’ll try to do a generic winter one, maybe a Christmas one and a Hannukah one because I know the first day of Hannukah is on Christmas Eve this year. Maybe a religious sort of Christmas one with some bible verses? I don’t know yet. Let me know in the comments if that is something you’d be interested in seeing!

Anywho, I have taken up enough of your precious time. I am so sorry for the rambly wall of text. Thank you very much for reading! I’ll see you all on the other side of the storm.

Happy planning!